We sell quality toys that are solid, sturdy and long lasting.
We trade daily at the The Brighton Open Market.

All of our juggling and circus props are thoroughly tested by
literally hundreds of children in a field.

1KG Mr Babache Juggling Ball

1KG Ball

These large juggling balls are made to the sort of standard you'd expect from Mr Babache...


Pirate Ship in a Tin

Pirate Tin

Yo-ho-ho our Pirate Ship in a Tin is a barrel load of fun! It's all hands on deck making the pirate...


Leo Skittles

Leo Skittles

These adorable skittles are come with four balls are made out of wood, with wool for their lion...


Aerobie Skylighter Disc - Yellow


Extend the fun of playing with an Aerobie flying disc into the night with its bright LEDs illuminate...


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